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It’s All About the Music.

Our tale begins in 1982…

with the advent of Modern Media Productions – a music and commercial video producer based in the Phoenix metropolitan area, highlighting eclectic acts from the underground to local-access cable. We had many firsts; We were the first music video programming to feature multi-genre content distributed to an American television audience. We were the first domestic provider to break through the iron curtain, and have our video library distributed in cold-war Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other eastern and northern European countries. Our Library was part of the first wave of the dot-com crazies to distribute to the denizens of the web. Then we were the first to smack YouTube’s event horizon and go viral on multiple (yes, multiple) channels. Hell, we were recording Nirvana and Village Voice while they were still suckling mothra’s teats.

Enter the strange world of Bohemia AfterDark: your locus for a special breed of music programming, highlighting the esoteric and bizarre. The underground is a fretted place, seemingly out-of-tune with society. But worry not! Bohemia AfterDark is your guide through this seedy world. We are a creative community with eclectic taste, high on good music. For there is beauty in the dissonance, and we want the world to hear it.

The History of Bohemia AfterDark

Modern Media

The founding of Modern Media productions, the predecessor to Bohemia AfterDark. Began airing music videos on local-access cable in the Phoenix metro area.

Expanding Cable Reach

Bohemia AfterDark expands into 12 Cable Markets including: Anchorage, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and many others.

Musical Genre Integration

Bohemia AfterDark releases the first-ever multi-genre musical programming. A groundbreaking music video show that mixed alternative and rap music videos together for the first time.

DOPE RAP Launches

Bohemia AfterDark begins DOPE RAP - an innovative Rap video program with the initial market of the Phoenix metro area.

Bohemia Expands to the Northwest

Bohemia Afterdark moves production to the vibrant market of Portland, Oregon.

Broadcast TV

Bohemia Afterdark expands to Broadcast Television, with regular programming on Fox affiliate KPDX.

Breaching the Iron Curtain

Univision of Poland buys 100 hours of music video programming from Bohemia, airing in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and eight other Northern European countries. 

Our Regular Scheduled Program

Out in Seattle, KTTZ picks up Bohemia’s programming with a regular schedule. In Los Angeles, KGLA does the same.


Bohemia Afterdark shoots footage of Nirvana’s “No On Measure 9 Concert” show, eventually used in Nirvana’s Live! Tonight! Sold Out! Home video. 

Village Voice, & Sony Music

Bohemia is sponsored by Village Voice and Sony Music / Sony Hardware - establishing its presence in New York.

Network One

Bohemia Afterdark is added by Network One to their weekly line-up, airing in all major markets. 

The Mia Zapata Benefit

Bohemia Afterdark Promotes the Mia Zapata Benefit, with headliners: Foo-Fighters, Presidents Of The USA & Joan. 

V1 of goes live.

CBS Joins the Party

Local CBS affiliate in Portland warmly embraces Bohemia AfterDark’s video program with substantial marketing and promotions.

The Digital Exclusive

Bohemia Afterdark Signs with to become the exclusive music video provider.

Gaining Digital Traction logs 800,000 monthly hits and 200,000 video views, pushing Bohemia AfterDark’s potential to new heights.

Can't Stop the Archive

Since it began in 1979, Bohemia AfterDark’s rare tape library has grown to include 33,000 items - a number unparalleled in the industry.

Going Local

Bohemia Afterdark now airs locally on WB61. Reaching 1.4 million homes each week with an average Neilson rating of 1.9 in a 1 a.m. Friday night timeslot. 3x the viewership this timeslot had averaged previously.

A Growing Audience

CBS affiliate KPHO embraces Bohemia Afterdark, adding their viewership of 3.5 million to Bohemia’s roster - more than half the state of Arizona.

A Record Alliance

Modern Media Productions forms an alliance with Zia Records, in part sponsorship with Bohemia AfterDark. The Leddg Urban Hip Hop show comes to Phoenix.

Music to the Masses

KPHE TV 19 hits the airwaves, introducing the valley to their new favorite music station. Bohemia Visual Music TV goes live. 

AZ & The Leddg

Bohemia Afterdark and The Leddg – Arizona State University’s SDTV Closed Circuit Television to Over 100,000 Viewers each day at 1am to 3am, 5 nights per week to the ASU campus.

With the Lights Out

Bohemia Visual Music teams up with 103.9 “The Edge” to cross promote Nirvana’s new box set “With The Lights Out”. 

Love in Phoenix

KPHE TV 19 becomes KPHE TV 44, expanding viewership to the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

A Return to Portland

Bohemia Visual Music re-enters the Portland/Salem, Oregon market with KORS 16.2 on the new digital Television signals.

YouTube & BVMTV

Bohemia Visual Music signs a deal with Google and shortens its name to BVMTV for YouTube, establishing 11 new music channels under the BVMTV name including underground hip hop, grunge and outlaw country. 

The Keys to Florida

WGAY, in Miami and the Florida Keys, adds 30 hours of BVMTV content to their programming.

Cali Life

Bohemia Visual Music enters SoCal, adding KDOC 56.3 DTV and Fresno’s analog channel 27 KJKZ-LP to their playbook.


BVMTV.COM becomes the main URL website address for Bohemia Visual Music.

Escape Velocity

BVMTV’s YouTube channels hit 19+ Million Viewers per month with a steadily growing, loyal following.

Forbidden Pleasures

Bohemia Virtual Music’s website returns with a huge catalog of music videos on YouTube that are banned on almost every continent.

Can YouTube Take the Weight?

BVMTV’s Partnership channels hit over 500 Million video views. BVMTV plans a pivot into Social Networking including an app for Apple/Android devices.

The Vault

BVMTV begins development of its Vault channel with Bent Pixels and Tony Novia.

Enter the Film Industry

BVMTV begins pre-production planning for the documentary “No on Measure 9”.

Production Begins

started production on No on Measure 9 documentary. Putting together a Portland film crew to start shooting interviews with activists, people part of the movement of LGTQ+ communities in Oregon. 

Partners in Non-Profit

BVMTV Partnered with several non for profit organizations to get exposure to the documentary.

A Plan for the Vault

Vault channel getting content up and monetizing displaying videos for the new channel

Fascists Beware

BVMTV begins interviewing activists and members of Oregon’s LGBTQ+ movement for “No on Measure 9” and working with several nonprofits to generate exposure for the documentary.

The Vault Goes Live

Vault channel goes live and monetizing displaying videos for the new channel

Widen That Lens

Production continues for “No on Measure 9” with 11 months of principal photography in Oregon and San Francisco.

The Show Must Go On

BVMTV completes majority of the principal photography for “No on Measure 9” whilst circumventing legal traps and far-right extremists.

Lessons Learned

Great personal loss can sometimes spur a paradigm shift, awakening fundamental aspects of our being and invigorating pursuit in new directions.

Giant Rock & the Integartron

started working with Giant Rock people with The Integratron. Researching myself still. Rabbit hole is partly here. This where I started to remember thing of 60’s living there

Giant Rock Podcast

Began recording the giant rock podcast. Featuring guests and speakers on supernatural subjects ranging from esoterism to psychedelia.

No Butter In Hell

BVMTV begins work on a tribute to honor the late Acoustic Punk Pioneer Eddy Detroit.

Return to the Vault

BVMTV begins manufacturing for the Eddy Detroit Tribute, and begins work on its next project: a tribute to Chris Newman - Snow Bud & the Flower People.

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It’s All About the Music

Welcome to Bohemia Visual Music, the group that brings you Bohemia AfterDark, and a lifetime of music history. BVM maintains a catalog of new, underground material from untapped artists, with an archive of 33,000+ music video tapes (the LARGEST in the industry) that stretches back four decades. We emerged from Modern Media Productions - a DIY music video provider in the Phoenix metropolitan area, founded in 1982, that pumped-out underground eclectics on local-access cable. Today, the BVM archives are ever expanding. Filled with just so many deep cuts, while incorporating new music and art from untapped creators - all the while highlighting progressive issues going on in the United States.