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Our tale begins in 1982…

With the advent of Modern Media Productions – a music and commercial video producer based in the Phoenix metropolitan area, highlighting eclectic acts from the underground to local-access cable. We had many firsts; We were the first music video programming to feature multi-genre content distributed to an American television audience. We were the first domestic provider to break through the iron curtain, and have our video library distributed in cold-war Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other eastern and northern European countries. Our Library was part of the first wave of the dot-com crazies to distribute to the denizens of the web. Then we were the first to smack YouTube’s event horizon and go viral on multiple (yes, multiple) channels.

Enter the strange world of Bohemia AfterDark: your locus for a special breed of music programming, highlighting the esoteric and bizarre. The underground is a fretted place, seemingly out-of-tune with society. But worry not! Bohemia AfterDark is your guide through this seedy world. We are a creative community with eclectic taste, high on good music. For there is beauty in the dissonance, and we want the world to hear it.

The History of
Bohemia AfterDark

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Bohemia Visual

A free digital music service with a different kind of ear-candy. Access a catalog of new, underground material and the largest music video archive in the industry.

Bohemia AfterDark

Your locus for a special breed of music releases, Tributes, Vaulted, never before released material, and all-around weird content that your grandma would hate.

Bohemia AfterDark

A one-stop-shop for landing gear from your favorite artists, Bohemia swag, and oddities from the seedy underbelly of the last several decades of culture.

Get In Touch

Drop us a line to let us know about any upcoming events, releases, or just to tell us what you’d like to see more of. We appreciate your feedback!

Bohemia AfterDark is Dedicated to all of the Artists that Inspire Us

It’s All About the Music

Welcome to Bohemia Visual Music, the group that brings you Bohemia AfterDark, and a lifetime of music history. BVM maintains a catalog of new, underground material from untapped artists, with an archive of 33,000+ music video tapes (the LARGEST in the industry) that stretches back four decades. We emerged from Modern Media Productions - a DIY music video provider in the Phoenix metropolitan area, founded in 1982, that pumped-out underground eclectics on local-access cable. Today, the BVM archives are ever expanding. Filled with just so many deep cuts, while incorporating new music and art from untapped creators - all the while highlighting progressive issues going on in the United States.