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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the release of “No Butter in Hell – a Tribute to the Life & Times of Eddy Detroit.” This double CD album is a celebration of the life and music of the late Eddy Detroit, a beloved figure in the freak folk and experimental rock communities. Eddy was known for his unconventional and genre-defying musical style, as well as his larger-than-life personality and the many lives he touched. After his passing, a group of Eddy’s friends and collaborators came together to pay tribute to him through this album. Disc One features classic Eddy Detroit songs, reinterpreted and performed by his friends and fellow musicians. These tracks showcase the enduring influence and timeless appeal of Eddy’s music. Disc Two is a special treat for fans of Eddy Detroit, as it includes never-before-released songs and outtakes that have been uncovered after being lost for many years. These tracks were recorded on analog technology at some point in modern history, and have been carefully restored and remastered for this release. Released through Bohemia AfterDark 2023, “No Butter in Hell” is a fitting tribute to the life and music of Eddy Detroit, and a must-have for fans of freak folk, psychedelic, and experimental rock. It is our hope that this album will help to keep Eddy’s memory and legacy alive, and that his music will continue to inspire and delight listeners for years to come Eddy Press Release