Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood – Jackson


Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood put out their take in July 1967, hitting No. 14 on the US Chart that year. Their cover also peaked at No. 4 in South Africa. It also performed very well in continental Europe, where it made No. 8 in the then West Germany, No. 4 in Austria, No. 9 in the Netherlands, No. 2 in Flemish-speaking Belgium, No. 3 in French-speaking Belgium, and No. 4 in Norway. The song was featured in Nancy Sinatra’s 1967 TV special Movin’ with Nancy.

Which Jackson?

There has been much speculation regarding which city of Jackson the song is about, but Wheeler said: “Actually, I didn’t have a specific Jackson in mind. I just liked the sharp consonant sound, as opposed to soft-sounding words like Nashville.”Though Wheeler had no particular Jackson in mind when writing the song, some subsequent singers have specified Jackson, Tennessee. The previous source also quotes Charlie Daniels as having recorded “Jackson” with these lines, “I ain’t talking ’bout Jackson, Mississippi. I’m talking ’bout Jackson, Tennessee”. And, Johnny Cash is quoted in the video from the same source: “Well, I was gonna take her down to see Carl Perkins in Jackson.”Carl Perkins lived in Jackson, Tennessee.