Paul McCartney and Wings – Hi Hi Hi


Hi, Hi, Hi” is a song written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by Wings. It was released as a double A-side single with “C Moon” in 1972. The song was recorded around the same time as “C Moon”, in September 1972.


Cash Box described it as “good old rock ‘n roll as only the McCartney’s can perform it, but with lyrics that more than suggest.”Record World called it “a steady rocker with an infectious chorus and terrific instrumental breaks” and said that the “suggestive lyrics can only help this one go high.”


In the UK, the song was banned by the BBC for its sexually suggestive lyrical content. The BBC also assumed that the title phrase, “We’re gonna get hi, hi, hi” was a drug reference. The specific lyrics objected to is the apparent phrase “get you ready for my body gun”; McCartney has said that the correct lyrics are “get you ready for my polygon“, an abstract image, and later said, “The BBC got some of the words wrong. But I suppose it is a bit of a dirty song if sex is dirty and naughty. I was in a sensuous mood in Spain when I wrote it.”Furthermore, Paul refers back to the song when it’s played for a live audience—”Yeah, well, the great laugh is when we go live, it makes a great announcement. You can say “This one was banned!” and everyone goes “Hooray!” The audience love it, you know. “This next one was banned,” and then you get raving, because everyone likes to. Everyone’s a bit anti-all-that-banning, all that censorship. Our crew, our generation, really doesn’t dig that stuff, as I’m sure you know.”


The musicians who played on the song are as follows: