Raquel Welch – Age of Aquarius and Let the Sunshine (1970)



CBS TV special from 1970 captures the essence, charm, and appeal of Raquel Welch! It’s a multi-million-dollar, song & dance special that was filmed around the world, from the palaces of Paris to ancient pyramids of Mexico, showcasing the smart, sexy, and glamorous Raquel Welch as she sings, dances, and jokes with the best of them.


Raquel and her guests make a winning team in this show-stopping, star studded song and dance TV extravaganza! Lavish productions of classic songs from the spirited and colorful era, absolutely fabulous costumes, and performances from three of the 1970s biggest stars (John Wayne, Bob Hope, and Tom Jones) make this a must have, indispensable DVD time capsule full of glamor, wit and music, with costumes by the iconic Bob Mackie.


The incomparable Tom Jones joins Raquel, singing and swinging to some of Rock & Pop’s greatest hits. The multi-talented knockout also teams up with movie star John Wayne and comedy legend Bob Hope in the Wild West, proving she can rope and joke with the best!