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Barnes & Barnes were an American musical duo, formed in Los Angeles in 1970. Though commonly associated with novelty music and comedy rock, their music has also incorporated elements of new wavesynth-pop, and folk rock.

The duo was formed in 1970 by actor Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer who were high school classmates, originally as a private home recording project. By 1978, Barnes & Barnes had gained public recognition with the radio debut of their novelty song “Fish Heads,” on the U.S. nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show.

When recording or performing as Barnes & Barnes, Mumy and Haimer adopt the personae of Art Barnes and Artie Barnes, respectively; twin brothers from the fictional civilization of Lumania, existing in an alternate dimension complete with its own language and customs.

Studio album by

Barnes & Barnes
Released 1986
July 2005 (Reissue)
Recorded Lumania, 1985-1986
Genre Novelty rock
Length 39:24
64:48 (Reissue)
Label Rhino Records
Oglio Records (Reissue)
Producer Barnes & Barnes
Bob Casale (“What’s New Pussycat”)
Gerry Beckley (“Blithering #2”)
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Zabagabee: The Best of Barnes & Barnes
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Sicks is the fourth album released by novelty rock group Barnes & Barnes. It was originally released in 1986 by Rhino Records, and rereleased in 2005 by Oglio Records. Its title takes its name from the fact that it is their sixth non-single release (including their previous three albums and two EP‘s), and also that it was deliberately created as a “sick” album. A sticker on the shrinkwrap of the original LP read, “Warning! The sickest songs ever collected on one record.”

Track listing

(All songs are by Barnes & Barnes, unless otherwise noted)

  1. If You Wanna Be Happy” (Guida/Guida/Royster)
  2. “Homophobic Dream #22”
  3. “Pussy Whipped” (Mumy/Haimer/Ferrer/Joliffe)
  4. “Dead Baby Hunt”
  5. “Pizza Face”
  6. “Lick Lap”
  7. “Scary Love”
  8. Pineapple Princess” (Sherman/Sherman)
  9. “Sit on My Lap and Call Me Daddy”
  10. “Baby Come Home”
  11. “Love Button”
  12. “Pre-School Games”
  13. “Smelly Finger Blues”
  14. “I Hate the Boss” (originally titled “I Got a Job”)
  15. “Auto Suck” (bonus track)
  16. “I Married Mama” (bonus track)
  17. “Worse Than Slime” (bonus track)
  18. “Blithering #2” (bonus track)
  19. The Ballad of Scott Ehrlich” (bonus track)
  20. “I Had Sex With Santa” (bonus track)
  21. “The Ballad of Hall and Oates” (bonus track)
  22. “What’s New Pussycat” (bonus track)
  23. “Condomized” (bonus track)
  24. “Vowels” (bonus track)
  25. “When You Die #2” (bonus track)


  1. The cover of the album is from the video of “Love Tap” from Spazchow.
  2. “I Hate the Boss” was originally on the “lost” album Code of Honor, and was reworked for this album. It appears in its original form on Kodovoner
  3. “Pussy Whipped” was co-written by actor Miguel Ferrer. It is through Bob and Bill’s friendship with Miguel that got his father Jose Ferrer to appear in their video release Zabagabee.
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist, Flea, cameos in the “Pizza Face” music video as a pizza delivery man.

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