CARR – Sick Bro


 CARR didn’t move to LA to pursue a career in music, but rather fell into it after taking a night job at a studio to pay the bills. When there was unbooked time in a room, she and friends would take advantage and mess around with the boards for fun. But the casual diversion quickly became an obsession and a reason to stay put in the community of musicians and songwriters she began to connect with. Now firmly planted on the west coast, CARR credits both her upbringing in New Jersey and her newfound home in shaping who she is. “I think my realness and bluntness is tied to the east coast,” she shares, “but I would say my openness and free spirit is influenced by my time alone in LA.”

CARR showcases her skillful ability to tell a story without hiding emotions behind a flowery metaphor, with her it’s a real and raw emotional explosion, the characteristic her growing fanbase have come to love her for. CARR had already begun to make a name for herself before being introduced to punk luminaries Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Spencer Smith (Panic! At The Disco) who signed her to their label DCD2 Records. CARR was named one of Alt Press’ Artists To Watch in 2023 who described her music as “exactly the kinds of songs you want to sing/scream along to into your hairbrush-microphone in your bedroom”. Her songs have found a home on KCRW and Jack Saudner’s BBC Radio 1 show, while Ones To Watch praised her “indisputable talent” and “brutally honest” lyricism. Her undaunted attitude with unvarnished and vulnerable takes on modern dating and life as a twenty something have resonated with music fans looking for something beyond the current plethora of overly woeful indie pop anthems. Simultaneously leaving nothing and everything to the imagination.