Fishbone – All We Have Is Now


Ska-funk-rock-punk-metal masters Fishbone have shared the new song “All We Have Is Now,” which is included on the Bottle Music for Broken People label comp via Fat Mike’s Bottles to the Ground imprint.

The track is signature Fishbone with its joyous horns and funky rhythms. Its positive lyrical message also serves as a poignant reminder to live in the present: “All we have is now.”

“Philosophically, it’s far from a new concept,” notes Fishbone’s Norwood Fisher in a press release. “Eckard Tolle, Allan Watts, Joseph Campbell and many others have contemplated and pontificated on this topic. The pursuit of self inquest, in the hopes of experiencing an extended, extraordinary sense of Being, the song, wrapped in a fully blown Fishbone party, reminds me to take advantage of the gift of the ever present now. Feel free to interpret it however it speaks to you.”

The song was recorded and produced by NOFX’s Fat Mike, who also curated the aforementioned label compilation. As Fisher explained, the NOFX-Fishbone connection goes “waaaay back” and the new song finally fulfilled Mike’s desire to record Fishbone. The track also marks Fishbone’s first new song since the 2018 return of founding member Chris Dowd.

“We’re in the mutual admiration club, great appreciation for our individual approaches to the music that we’re known for,” Fisher said. “I don’t remember exactly when Fatty 1st expressed interest in producing Fishbone but it seems like it was a long time ago. A random encounter in a parking lot in more recent history, led to the current song. Mike’s batshit crazy but highly functional, with incredible integrity and follow through. Just right for Fishbone’s batshit crazy, dysfunctional world.”