Flipper – Lowrider


Sex Bomb Baby is a compilation album by Flipper. It contains singles, B-sides, and compilation tracks from 1979 to 1982.

A collection of three singles plus four compilation tracks. Cassette and CD versions feature three extra tracks: “Falling Down,” “Low Rider” and “End The Game.”

Includes printed inner sleeve with lyrics, drawings and Flipper discography.
Also includes a single-sided black and white sheet with lyric excerpts and tributes to Will Shatter.
Some copies includes a Subterranean mail order catalogue with condolences to Will Shatter on the front page.

Album title is Sex Bomb Baby! on cover, spine and inner sleeve discography, Sex Bomb Baby on labels.

4,988 pressed. This figure does not include any post-1991 reissues.

1, 2, 3, 6, 8 recorded at Hyde St. Studios, San Francisco; produced by Flipper, Garry Creiman (1, 6, 8), and Bob McCarthy
4 recorded live in concert by Ted Falconi
5 recorded live at the Eastern Front festival by Tom Malloni
7 recorded at Po-Lite Studio, El Cerrito; produced by Michael Fox
9 recorded at rehearsal by Ted Falconi
10 recorded at Crying Wolf Studio, San Francisco; produced by Flipper

Like the B-side of Flipper – Sexbomb / Brainwash, “Brainwash” makes use of the lock-groove concept. The music stops at the end of the “story,” only to start up again. This process is repeated for a total of 12 times. The last repetition ends with the loop groove endlessly repeating the phrase “forget it, you wouldn’t understa— forget it, you wouldn’t understa—.”