GXTP featuring Tommy Lee – Contraband


Newly formed rock group GXTP has released their newest single “Contraband” featuring the legendary Tommy Lee. The band is made up of Triple Sixx, Sasha Sirota, and fronted by Jason Paul, aka Poo Bear, the music-producer that has penned some of pop’s biggest hits, working with artists like Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and Mariah Carey, just to name a few. Paul’s infectious pop-writing has been whipped into a rock and roll banger for “Contraband,” which has been released with a performance video including the band alongside the Mötley Crüe icon.

GXTP, whose name is an acronym for “guns and toilet paper,” is a concept project that is focused on creating hard-rock from a group of hit-makers. “It all stems from the pandemic and a poem,” said Poo Bear. “At the time there was a shortage of guns and toilet paper. I read a poem by our partner Triple Sixx, and I said to him ‘this poem feels like a rock song, brother.’ We ended up turning that poem into a band.”

“Contraband” is the second single from GXTP, following up their debut release from September 2022, “Foresight.” Following their most recent release, the band’s website has been turned into a sort of interactive pirate’s map as a place where fans can keep up with the group as they get progressively closer to the release of their first album. The map also gives fans the ability to play digital puzzles that will give them access to free digital collectibles on the road to the album.