King Black Acid – Sea Of Unrest


Sea Of Unrest was originally written and recorded by the Toiling Midgets in 1982. This cover re-imagines the song using the same vocal melody and lyrics with a whole new vision for the music and engagement.

Recorded at Mazinga Studios by Daniel Riddle

Released 2015-08-07

Cavity Search Records/Mazinga Records


A young couple is pulled into a ghostly voyage from their mundane and distracted lives. Or are they only dreaming to be alive? The lines between heaven, hell, life and death are explored through the soft glow of Super 8 film.

Cinematography and Editing: Tony Schilling Cinematography: Shannon Wolf featuring; Gabby Holt, Erik Aanestad, Jeremiah Petersen, Erik Meharry. Scott Howard, Hannah Mickunas, Akina Kashiwaya, Megan Goldstein, Jessica Durett and Damien Genardi, Scott McHale, Clint Sparks, Chelsea Cabell, Chyna Holt, Travis Meharry Scott McHale and EJ Mickunas Curtis Owen, Lori Reising, Curt Owen, Ezra Sandberg-Lewis