Lowlife – ELON


UK band Lowlife released a song and music video titled “Elon” via Hellcat Records. “ELON” “fits right in, sonically referencing 2000’s hip-hop with production reminiscent of Timbaland, inspired by the youthful energy and bombastic rhymes of the Beastie Boys. The accompanying music video visually cites Y2K and classic West Coast symbolism which the group conceived and executed all on their own”. “Elon,’ is the trio’s follow-up to previous singles “Wasteland” and “Friends“.

About the track the band states,

“ELON is about drive/willpower; being on a ride and not knowing for sure what the outcome will bring yet still pursuing the adventure. The song being called ‘Elon’ is a reference to Musk and his innovative ideas, despite disbelief from many.

This also holds true as an artist, following a vision and pathway whilst many may question it until they see the end product. The lyrics play amongst this reference whilst also capturing the naivety of youth with lines such as, ‘Wait a minute near sleepless, self-drive strike genius, thank Elon – convenience’.”

Lowlife began at the height of the first wave of lockdown, with the three members collaborating via Zoom. Since reuniting in person, they’ve spent the majority of their time writing and recording together. That self-determined DIY spirit informs all aspects of their creative process. They pool their skills to make the most of their scant resources, filming music videos, designing artwork and producing merch on a limited budget without compromising on the quality of their output.

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Bandcamp https://lowlifenetwork.bandcamp.com/album/elon