Plasmatics – The Damned



The Damned’ is featured on the Plasmatics’s third studio album, Coup D´Etat (1982). The video shows Wendy in epic form driving a school bus loaded with explosives, crashing into two walls of TVs, climbing on to the roof and then jumping off right before the explosion. The video shoot had to be completed in one day, and no second take was possible. Always a danger freak, Wendy refused to stop the production even after seriously spraining her ankle. The video was a massive success despite MTV’s pushback with its legal department demanding the inclusion of a “warning” label at the beginning. Once again, Wendy Williams transcended the limits of what rockstars were doing at that time, whether male or female.

Recorded and produced by Scorpions´ producer Dieter Dierks, the album was critically acclaimed and considered “the best slice of unrelenting heavy metal since the last AC/DC album.” (LA Times) “Wendy Williams is doing vocally what nobody since Janis Joplin has done” (Aberdeen Press) “Williams makes Ann Wilson or Pat Benatar sound like Judy Collins” (LA Times) – Director: Rod Swenson © Plasmatics Media, LLC Listen to ´The Damned´: