Split Enz – I Got You (1980)


I Got You” is a song by New Zealand rock band Split Enz. It was released as a single on 21 January 1980 by Mushroom Records in Australia and New Zealand, and August 1980 by A&M internationally, as the first single from their breakthrough album True Colours. Written by co-lead singer Neil Finn, who did not initially believe it to be a hit, it became the band’s most commercially successful song, topping the charts in Australasia (spending eight weeks at number-one in Australia) and placing in the top 20 of the British and Canadian charts. By July 1980, it had become the biggest selling single in Australian history.

The song was rated #11 on the Australasian Performing Right Association‘s Top 100 New Zealand Songs Of All Time list.


Music video

The music video was designed and directed by percussionist Noel Crombie, who directed most of the band’s previous videos. It features Neil Finn standing in a room singing the song with the other band members performing in a framed picture on the wall behind him. The picture animates when he sings the chorus but goes still when he sings the verses. At the end of the video he is seen in the picture with the band.