The Damned – Alone Again Or


The album began production in June 1986 in Puk Recording Studios in Denmark. The Damned‘s vocalist, Dave Vanian, later stated that the group were forced into the studio to record the album before they had prepared any new material for it. Drummer Rat Scabies mentioned that the group had demoed the song “In Dulce Decorum“, but most of the songs were written in the studio. In July, the group took a break from recording to perform a 10th anniversary performance in London at the Town and Country Club and two in Finsbury Park, where the group performed some songs that would appear on Anything, and were joined by Captain Sensible to perform “Smash It Up“. On returning to Denmark, the group recorded a cover of “Alone Again Or” which Scabies originally thought was written by Roman Jugg. The album concluded production in August.