Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero


Party at Ground Zero” is a song by the ska punk band Fishbone. A demo version titled “Pink Vapor Stew” can be found on the Fishbone 101 compilation. Fishbone performed the song in the movie The Tripper and was featured in the 1994 movie Camp Nowhere.

Music video

The music video for “Party at Ground Zero” was directed by Henry Selick, future director of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The video is a homage to The Masque of the Red Death, with Death bringing about a nuclear explosion when he removes his mask.

Still frames from the video are featured on the cover of the song’s 12-inch single.

“Party at Ground Zero”
Single by Fishbone
from the album Fishbone
Released 1985
Recorded Sunset Sound Factory and Eldorado in 1985
Length 6:31
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) John Norwood Fisher
Kendall Jones
Angelo Moore
Producer(s) David Kahne
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